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Solaire® Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Heaters
An electric fireplace heater is an excellent combination of attractiveness and functionality. When looking to add a decorative touch to a room, choose an electric fireplace heater for warming the temperature and adding coziness to a room, opposed to an ordinary space heater. Electric fireplace heaters simulate the look of a fireplace, but clearly do not actually burn gas or wood like a traditional fireplace. As a result, here are no added inconveniences or expenses from storing firewood or installing gas lines into your home.

You might ask yourself a few questions about fireplace heaters. How exactly does a fireplace heater work? Well, the heat generated from a fireplace heater comes from electricity, so there is no need for a chimney to vent fumes or smoke like a traditional fireplace. Instead, the heat radiating from the electric fireplace heater is completely clean and free of all unhealthy or unclean material that comes from a fireplace such as smoke, carbon monoxide, soot, and creosote. As a heater, an electric fireplace is also very efficient; all the heat is released directly into the room instead of escaping up a chimney. Unlike central air or heating, which would wastefully heat an entire home, an electric fireplace only warms the immediate room where heat is needed. For pennies, one can use a fireplace heater to economically, conveniently, and efficiently warm a room.

Now think about it, why would I want a fireplace heater, how will it help me? The visual appeal of a fireplace is universally known. Traditional fireplaces are most likely limited to large homes that can accommodate additional space and the chimney necessary for installation. With an electric fireplace heater it is possible to have a fireplace where they would not normally be found. For example, places that would not be able to accommodate a fireplace would be a condo, an apartment, a small house, an office, a high rise building, a boat, or an RV, and can now enjoy the warm glow of a fireplace. The look of an electric fireplace heater is surprisingly realistic. The electric fireplace heater has light bulbs to simulate the smoldering of a fire right down to the glowing embers.

The last thing that concerns the general consumer is installation. Installation of an electric fireplace heater is extremely easy. Most electric fireplace models will run on a standard 120-volt home electrical circuit with no need of special wiring. It is simply a matter of positioning the unit and plugging it in for fast and easy warmth. There is no need for difficult construction to install our electric fireplace heaters; just a nearby electrical outlet! Unlike a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace heater is also totally portable. It would be very easy to move the electric fireplace heater from one part of the room to another if you did not like where the electric fireplace was positioned or if you wanted to focus the heat output to another part of the room. Also, once you light a fire in a traditional fireplace, you have very little control over the amount of heat coming from the fireplace. With an electric fireplace heater the heat settings are completely adjustable. You have control to adjust an electric fireplace to send out minimal or maximum heat, depending on your preference. Also you have the option of turning off the heating function and using your electric fireplace heater simply as a decorative item!

There are many different things that you can do to your home in order to make it unique and to give it a more livable environment. Adding a fireplace to your home, however, can really do much more than almost anything else that you would like to do. Fireplaces warm up the room in many different ways, not just because they are throwing off heat. Having a fireplace that fits in with your particular decor, however, is really going to depend on the fireplace designs that you're going to choose from. They certainly can give a very warm look to your home, one that will give an inviting environment that the whole family can enjoy.  One thing that you should keep in mind whenever it comes to adding one of these fireplace mantle's is that the easier it is for you to change, the easier you are going to be able to change the entire look of the room. If you have a stone fireplace built, it is going to be a more permanent structure. Don't overlook the possibility of adding a Solaire® Electric Fireplace Of course, the decision is going to have to be yours but it certainly never hurts to look over the options whenever you're building a structure fireplace or the freedom to have a wall mounted Solaire® Wall Mount Electric Fireplace.